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Rank Higher on Google Maps

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SEO Company Pensacola

Do Reviews Really effect your Business?

Yes they do. .
Reviews left by Consumers do effect your ranking on Google and just a half star increase of your overall Consumer rating can boost sales up to 19%? It also can go the other way.

If you are a Sma...

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SEO Company Pensacola

Do Reviews Really effect your Business?

YES they do. .
Reviews left by Consumers do effect your ranking on Google and just a half star increase of your overall Consumer rating can boost sales up to 19%? It also can go the other way.

If you are a Sma...

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Pensacola SEO Company-The Connector

Is it time for a NEW Website?
We all Hate hearing those words. ARGH!
Yes, the time it takes to come up with new content and photos. As a Business Owner, Do you really have the time to spare?
As much as you hate to hear it, if your website is NOT performing, i...

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SEO Company Pensacola

How to respond to a bad review

Why Did they Leave me a Bad REVIEW?
You Did Everything Right.
How Can You Protect Your Business Reputation?
Reviews left by Consumers do effect your ranking on Google and just a half star increase of your overall Consu...

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Business Owners-If you are not managing your Google Business Listing, You are missing out on lots of Customers.

Call-Email-Text- Smoke Signal me, and I will show you what is wrong with your Google Business page.

Do Not Miss The Boat.

If your business is in D2, I will Con...

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SEO Company Pensacola

Do Reviews Really effect your Ranking on Google?
YES they do. .
Reviews left by Consumers do effect your ranking on Google and just a half star increase of your overall Consumer rating can boost sales up to 19%? It also can go the other way.

If you a...

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SEO Company-Pensacola

How do you know when you need to replace your website?

Is it time for a NEW Website?
We all hate hearing those words. ARGH!
The time it takes to come up with content and photos. Do you really have the time?
As much as you hate to hear it, if your we...

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SEO Company in Pensacola
Rank Higher on Google Maps

This is a GAME CHANGER for Small Business Owners.

In a MAJOR Shift, GOOGLE Opens up to Free Product Listings to Compete with Amazon Shopping. Take advantage of this FREE Service on Your Google Business Listing.

After 8 years, Google will br...

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SEO Expert in Pensacola

Thinking about Pay Per Click Ads?
Did that Telemarketer from India promise to get your business #1 on GOOGLE?

It's hard being a Small Business Owner wearing so many hats and keeping up with Technology, SEO, Social Media or figuring out how to block EXTENDED CAR WARRANTY ...

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a year ago
Joy has been managing my 3 businesses in Washington DC for 2 years. I am very happy with the new websites and results. Joy took the time to identify the problems with my old websites, made them mobile friendly, and put together a marketing plan that achieved the results I wanted within 6 months. I highly recommend Joy to help you grow your business.
- larry w
2 years ago
I researched a lot of SEO companies and went with Ms. Kristin because of her honesty and direct approach. While she could have sold me a lot more features, I hired her set up my Google Business Page Listing, get more Consumer Reviews and my Social Media Marketing. I needed to Re-Brand my business and she came up with a very clever campaign that created a lot of social engagement. My website is now in the top 3 spot of Google Maps as well as the front page of Google. Joy Kristin delivered exactly what she promised at half the cost of other SEO companies.
- Van H
a year ago
Very impressive company to have work for us. They do a great job. Would highly recommend!!
- Scott b

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO Company Pensacola- the Connector is an Expert at Local SEO.

If Customers can't Find Your Business,  you're Losing Money. 

Why do I need SEO on my website?   

If you have a website, Search Engine Optimization is a word we all hate. No one wants to talk about it, but it's like putting off a teeth cleaning and then when you finally make the time, you need a root canal. SEO can be easy if you spend 30 minutes with me and I will show you how Google is finding your website and how to get it to rank higher.

What is Google really looking for when it comes to SEO and your website? 

Let me make it easy for you. 

3 Key Words- 
Relevance, Proximity, Prominence.

I help Small Business Owners in Pensacola, Florida, with their business plan and messages. I will show you how to get your message out to your customers and increase your online presence. 

There isn't a magic pill, or secret sauce, but there is a blueprint that is easy to follow if you do it Google's "Way."
You can also tweak your website if it is already built.

Following my guidance, your online presence, your website and business visibility will grow as well as your sales.

Why does this matter when it comes to SEO?
Learn how to rank HIGHER on Google Maps, Setting up and Fixing your Google Business Page Listing, Creating & Managing Social Media Campaigns & Managing your Online Business Reputation-aka Reviews-Good & Bad ones. 

You don't need a "PHD." to understand the concepts, just a little time.  

How do you keep up with Google changes?

A lot of has changed with websites and how Google uses their search engine bots to find information. Your website needs to be treated with attention and maintenance. You can't just build a swimming pool, get the PH levels right and then walk away for a year. The same is true with your website.  

Why SEO is so important as a Small Business Owner-

Search Engine Optimization-SEO

1) Your Customers are finding your business online using Google.

2) 70% are using a mobile device.

3) Customers will convert into Buyers if they like what they read about you.

3) 70% of Consumer trust online reviews as much as a personal referral.

4) Learn how to FIX Bad Consumer Reviews and respond to them correctly.

5) Learn how to get MORE Positive Reviews using and automated software program.

6) Learn how to manage your Google My Business Page & translate Insights so you know what is working.

7) Learn how to Manage your Social Media Posting and integrate into 1 post so you don't waste precious time.

8) Learn how to rank higher on Google Maps and maximize your position.

It is necessary to be in the top 3 spots on Google Maps? Yes & No.

Not "Tech-Savvy"  and need additional help?

"One on One" Google Tutoring is available starting at $25 per hour 

You're strapped for time which is why I am open 24 hours a day. Once you know the direction you want to head, a plan in place, you can outsource the areas you don't have time for.  

The Connector offers subscription packages that start at $100 a month. I understand every penny counts which is why my prices are below the market prices. If you succeed, we all succeed.

I will work with and whatever budget you have and guide you step by step. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Free mentoring sessions available in a group setting once a month. Just bring your own lap top to the group. 
(monthly sessions changes so call for the location.)

The Basic Search Engine Optimization that is helpful to know:

Do Want your website on Front page of Google? 

This is necessary unless customers know your Brand and look for you without doing a general search.

What is Local SEO ranking on Google?

This is local customers finding you via mobile devices, or a local search based on their physical location. 70% of Consumers are using mobile devices over PC for searches. 

How do you do Local Search SEO?

Local SEO is accomplished through

1)      Having a Google Business Listing.

2)      Citations linking to your websites. 

3)      Posting on your Google Business. 

4)      Consumer Reviews- REAL ONES!  

5)      Social Media attached to your GMB   

Yes, Social Media is important and you should not ignore it.

Social Media Posting:

Consumers use Social Media to learn more about your Business’s personality and it will drive more sales if they like who & what your brand is. Social media is not Groupon, but it is to be used to develop relationships with your potential customers. 

This is a great way to promote specials, new inventory and create awareness. Measuring success will depend on what your goals are. 

 If you do not have an active social media, then customers don’t think you are actively in business, they think you are old fashioned, behind the times, or that you care about them.   Social Media is exactly that- Social.

This is not Groupon and if you only want to drive sales, use Groupon. People purposely go to Groupon to spend money, which is why the success rates are high.   

Does Social Media convert into sales?

Social Media is used to CONVERT lookers into Buyers. AFTER they feel they have a relationship with you and like you, which is why getting people to like your business page is important. 

 Consumers hate being sold directly on Social Media. Be careful, or they will unlike your pages.   Have a plan in mind when you post. Don’t post just to post, or it will be like having a disjointed conversation with a friend. 

Make- a- plan, have goals and create a message that follows your campaign.   Social media is like dating and getting to know someone. Don’t just post specials without letting people get to know you first.  

 Let them know who you are and what makes you different. Show your passion and how it relates to your business. Then once they know what you’re about, then highlight specials, inventory, special events.

 Give consumers a reason to follow your page, make them like you. People buy from people they “Like” and your business does have a personality like a person

Should you Outsource your Social Media?

Social Media Management: $250 per month Posting for your business 3 times a week on the sites listed below.
 (You select your target)

Posts will be uniform, and content will come from researching your industry, current trends, your marketing plan and your current events.  

 The message will be customized based on what you need to promote and at what stage is your current social media status. You will see a 10% increase per month. ·  
Google Business Page ·
Google + · 
 Linked In

If you do not have the accounts set up, I will set them up for you, which is included in the $100 set up fee. 
There is no contract, but I do require a 30 day notice to cancel, because I create my ad campaigns in advance. 

Why? Because they build on the prior month message.   How to get started with the Connector: Payment of First month of $250 and Last month of $250. (Unless you sign up for auto-pay)  

Setup fee of $100 to create the ad campaign message and to create up to 5 social accounts. I will review the campaign with you prior to going live to make changes. 

There is room for tweaks and adding new promotions with the posting schedules. This first campaign also will show you where you are at and your ranking, so the report is used for your benchmark successes.        

Do I have to have a Google Business Listing?

Google Business Page Listing        

Your Cell phone is now the "Yellow" pages and without having a Google Business Page Listing, customers can't find you. 
How Google determines local ranking Local results are based primarily on 

What is important for SEO to reach Customers?

Relevance, Proximity, and Prominence. 

How a Consumer searches using voice search, the key words, how far your business is from them and if you are properly vetted in Google's Eyes.

1) Relevance means what they are searching for and how relevant it is to your website wording.

2) Proximity-The distance your business is from the searching device. Google is not going to promote a carpet cleaning business in Perdido Key if the search is coming from East hill Pensacola. 

3) Prominence means is your website vetted with Good Reviews, How long has the website been around, how many connections, aka links are attached, like Better Business Bureau, and online directories with the same information listed on your website. 

Simple stuff right?

If Google is the information super highway, how does it know what exit ramp to direct customers to get off at? You need a detailed exit ramp sign right? 

Your Google Business Page listing is much like an exit ramp on the highway. The more information you can fit on the page/sign, the more likely cars/traffic will want to off and visit your website.

How to Optimize your Google Page & Why would you do it?

Optimizing your Google Business Page Listing is like when you see the gas station, restaurants, and attractions listed on the exit ramp.

You need to tell Google where to send your customers and for what to expect. I will show you if your page is set up properly. I can set it up correctly as well as register your business on the top 60 online directories.

Google Business Page Listings now lets you post social media to your page as well as text you and book appointments.

Your Google Business Page needs to be treated just like your website and be given SEO to it to rank in the top 3 positions for various cities. When you optimize the page, we add meta tabs, H1, H2, press releases and citations.

All photos will be tagged with Alt tags and optimized to load faster. AGAIN, you are now swimming with the sharks with deep pockets and your website has no, zip, zero SEO to it. 

The least expensive way to boost is to put SEO on this page. (When money is rolling in, then you get a really good SEO site with all of the SEO built into it.) 

This is a really good investment if you have a basic website without any SEO built into it since most of the website traffic you want in Pensacola is local searches.

What if I don't have a website built, or what if my website is terrible?

You don't need a fancy website.
I can create a website that will rank well on Google for $500. Mobile First and page speed loads quickly.
It is easy to edit, post new photos, and you can blog.

Social Media is important because this is where you convert a tire kicker into a buyer. They won't necessarily be buying from social media, but this is where they narrow down their selection.  

Google Business Page posting
Linked in page

SEO Company Pensacola

Joy Kristin
Pensacola SEO Expert - The Connector 

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